IAA – Service Department

We have a very good & strong man power; our man power is our company assets.

Our manpower is well-educated staff, well trainee, and qualified enough to deal with our customers.

We have the following team:

  1. A – Service advisor we have two service advisers for customers and one for fleet owners.
  2. B – We have a service manager
  3. C – We have more than four team leaders for all the workshop section.
  4. D – we have master technicians, technicians, and pro technicians.

We have a very good service center not to meet our customer expectations but to exceed their expectations to be one of the top five in Qatar.

Service center:

Starting from the diagnostic area which we receive our customer’s vehicles with four post lifter.

For complete check-up suspension, oil leak or water leak and so on…….

So the service advisor can suggest some recommendations to take immediate customer approval.

Then we have a very good reception area with nice tables and seats very comfortable with respect to our

Guests during the service done, also a TV with too many TV channels to cover most of the TV world.

We have open buofi ‘tea – coffee – wacky ‘.


In the mechanical workshop, we have more than twenty working bay.

Body shop more than 30 work bays exclude the three spray booths.

We are working with great paint material suppliers from Germany.

We have chassis alignment and a very good paint mixing room.

Multi Brand workshop.

We are going to open a new multi-brand workshop to receive too many cars in our new body shop.

Time management

Time management is a very important tool for the customer and for us.

For this reason, we do our best to minimize our lead time in the workshops to help our customers then will increase our satisfaction.


From our side quality is improvement means if we do our task 100 % this is a success so we don’t have back job in our area. As per the international standard 3: 7 % for the back job is ok.

But because of our image and the brand name which we are working with, we can’t accept for the back job because of the customer word of mouth.

Our customers usually expect more from our side then we must meet all customers’ requirements.

Teamwork concept

Our team members working according to the TEAM concept: Together Everybody Achieve More.

Smart Tasks

Our team members can deal with a lot of tasks at the same time most of them not task-oriented but Multi Task-Oriented people.

Our SMART concept is Specific Measurable Achievable within Time frame.

Kiss concept in Ibin Ajayan Automobiles

Our team members working together according to KISS concept Keep IShort & Simple.